Information about my Cause Art Plus ‘Dinner & Art For A Cause’ Fundraiser

Re: ‘Dinner & Art For A Cause’ Brief Description

Concept: A ‘Dinner & Art For A Cause’ gives people another good reason to go out and enjoy a good meal at a local restaurant with friends, where a variety of local art is offered for sale to help support a worthwhile cause.

The three main components of the fundraiser: Worthy Cause, Art & Restaurant 

Everyone that participates in the fundraiser will benefit. Funds will be raised for a cause; artists get exposure while supporting the cause they believe in by donating at least 10% or more from their art sales proceeds. The restaurant owner can support the event by offering their space and having people enjoy their food.

It’s essential to organize the fundraiser as simply as possible.

Find a cause from a foundation or society that will help support the event through their network. Preferred causes are from the health, humanitarian, nature, or environmental sector.

Use an existing well-operated restaurant with an appropriate open concept. The manager would set up the establishment properly for the fundraiser. Those who attend simply make a reservation, and the restaurant manager organizes space for the event.

Those attending could order off the menu, or the restaurant chefs would have the opportunity to prepare different types of specially prepared dishes.

Showcase beautiful and exciting art from artists from different disciplines such as: visual, literary, performing, and music.  – Market the event through traditional & contemporary social media methods to help promote the event.

The fundraiser would typically occur once or twice a year in the spring and fall.  More events can be organized throughout the year if the fundraiser becomes popular.

The primary committee would consist of 2-3 people. With additional help on the day of the event.

The event would take place on time agreed to by the restaurant manager, usually on a Thursday evening. A typical evening event would look like this: 

2-4 pm – Event set up

6pm – Doors open with possible live music playing 

6-7pm – People mingle view the donated art: art sold, or bids placed on silent auction and live auction pieces viewed (If offered).

7-7:15 – Introductions first by MC explaining the evening and then introducing the cause spokesperson to say a few words or provide a short educational presentation.

7:15 – 8:15 – Dinner is served and enjoyed with light music playing in the background

8:15 -8:30 – People have a chance to make last bids on silent art items

8:30 – 8:45 – Live performance by musician or poet recited

8:45 – 9pm – Sales Finalized or Silent Art collected and reported. Successful bidders pay and collect or leave to pick-up when they leave. 

9:00 – 9:30 pm – Live Auction (If offered)

9:30 – 10pm – People mingle event will end

Evening time may vary slightly. 

After the event, the news will be done and shared with all those involved and distributed accordingly, and used to promote the event’s success. Event photos and a suitable write-up about the event will be used for after-event promotion through traditional and contemporary media.

The fundraiser co-leader, Derek Rickwood, will collect money.

Money owed from art sales will be distributed to the artists as soon as possible after the event, most likely as an e-transfer.

A follow-up meeting will take place as soon as possible to discuss the event and when the profits will be handed over to the cause spokesperson.