Meet Derek

Derek is passionate, driven, visionary, and entrepreneurial. He will think outside the box when necessary to achieve a goal or think outside the box to develop different, better ways to help others.

Creator of the ‘Rotarian Promotional Contemporary Art Exhibit’ in 2018, Derek joined the Rotary Club of Nanaimo North after completing a Fine Arts Degree in 1990 from the University of Victoria. He is a Rotary Past-President and a Multi—Paul Harris Fellow.

He was honored with a Rotary Foundation District Service Award in 2017 for initiating and chairing a successful multi-club Rotary Foundation Centennial celebration in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

Today, Derek belongs to the same Rotary Club and has served in several executive positions. He is a Wardrobe Consultant and Fine Artist.

Owner of Rickwood’s Menswear & Art Service, Derek has devoted 44 years to the menswear industry and has worked his way up to running his own successful quality menswear store. He has served as a personal wardrobe consultant for the past eight years. You can learn more about this business by viewing his company website:

Derek has been a commissioned painter for 34 years, including a painting commission created for the Royal Canadian Navy. This commission was sentimentally important for Derek because his father, Randy, now deceased, was a career military man who only created oil paintings of tall ships.

In 2017, he combined his passion for art and Rotary to serve humanity. The ‘Rotarian Promotional Contemporary Art Exhibit’ is Derek’s first fine art exhibit and the first creation for a new art movement founded by Derek Rickwood, called, ‘Cause Art Plus.’ It was introduced at the Rotary International Convention on June 23rd to 27th, 2018, in Toronto, Canada. At this convention, Derek met fellow Rotarian David Elizalde, who became President of the Rotary Club Amarillo in 2018/19. They share the same vision, the same purpose – to improve Rotary’s success in its humanitarian endeavours throughout the world.

Derek has organized many Dinner & Art For A Cause fundraisers since 1996 that has supported many causes as BC Hospital Foundation, Haven Society, Vancouver Island Symphony, to name a few. It brings great pleasure for Derek to bring creative people together for positive reasons. So the creation of Cause Art Plus was inevitable!

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